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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thanks......... See This..........

Thank you for the many wishes for my Winston. I have a hole in my heart. Every time I hear little bell my heart leaps.

On a lighter note we went to see "Julia/ Julie" yesterday. What a treat. Charming doesn't quite do it justice for me. As I sit here blogging...her journey on a blog was a hoot. It was reading others talk about their blogging that finally gave me the courage to jump in. I am still treading water but gaining confidence!!!!!!!!!!! Their relationship with food....Mine but why is neither of them fat. My picture I am sure would look very different. Just go and enjoy.

Linda and Ludmil are off at Barn House setting up the magic. they leave in their wake a lovely gift of warm time together...laughs and a new space for me to be in my shop. I only hope I can 1-find things 2-Keep it that way. Maybe I am in luck they only come once a year! I do so appreciate all they did. They are busy, busy trailing loveliness!!!!!!!!!!


Florence said...

I know that feeling about your kitty, I lost two in a two week period after having them both for over 14 years. You are so lucky to have a fairy godmother come and get your creative room in shape.

robinbird said...

poor winston, poor you :(

i had a very nice time in the garden today julie. thank you for having me. it felt peaceful to sit and visit and hear the story of your creative life. when i looked at the few photos i did take they made me want to run right back over there and capture more of that prettiness :)
congratulations on your technological advancement to being able to comment on my blog!

Florence said...

A new cat came and adopted us and that helped fill the void of our loss. I still miss the snuggle time I had with each one of them. They would always know when I needed that snuggle.

Kati Neal said...

I'm so sorry about Winnie, Julie. Comforting words can sometimes come across as trite and I'm afraid that I won't do my feelings justice but I'll try. The connection you have had with your animals has always been beautiful to me as I've watched you laugh and love each one over the years. How very blessed your Winston Lucas has been to share the past year and a half with you. And, of course, how blessed you have been to have him as well. Belly rubs and loud purrs and even the little snips at your legs will be missed. It feels good to me to trust that he is happy and healthy, living out his days soaking up the sunshine. We'll miss him. Love to you.

"As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat."
-Ellen Perry