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Sunday, November 30, 2008

At Thea's in the Pearl

Thanksgivig past. Christmas next.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A thought for us all

This came at the end of an Email. Oh so true. I take time for these little thoughts. They come from the people I love and provide me the means to send a little thought to those same.
Life may not be the party we hoped for,but while we are here we might as well DANCE.
Rember this was at the end of a story. I had to read the whole thing!!!!!!

Things changing

There are so many changes ! I know you say....And so? I know but it has just struck me that
the seasons change and I seem able to watch with amazement and wonder. I however am not as passively peacefull watch my life and family as they pass through their changes and seasons.
I have realized they are growing and must cast off and change like the trees, flowers and the other elements of nature. All this to reach the next phase of beautiful growth. Nothing stays the same and so it shouldn't. Even my babies and their babies. I want and am learning to watch as they struggle. much the same as the garden spider on the deck. Idon't ge too envolved as he or she struggles,falls ,rebuilds and doesn't panic as I ruin his or her work. I want that same calm witnessing to all life. I am learning to trust my angels and trust they have thiers.
This picture came up with the memories of ny dear friend, our seasons past, and yes again CHANGES. All for the good all for the growing toward the life they were meant to live but Iam aware of the missing[Ludmils birthday] Linda's Thanksgiving thought. Good times all! Not gone just changed and building a new web.
So much has changed in the world in general. I am readying myself for a Christmas sale when Christmas has been at 50% off in the stores. Hellooooo! What is wrong with this picture. Iam however the spider who must create! Ihave and will be selling ant the Lake Oswego Christmas Sale. My net must after be woven. thank you all who take time from youre busy building to read this. May the grace and peace of observation decend on you as well.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I took chance and uploaded a picture. I have not had a chance to tag[note a computer word] all my pictures so.........this is the one that surprised me. I do love this. The sunflowers were all volunteers this year and thus they were a gift. Some grew well over 8 feet tall and I stood beneath them ans watched the bees. Later the finches hung on the undersides to pick the ripe seeds. Such a treat. the whole garden was heavy with flowers, and life.

Now things have passed their seasons the vast amounts of leaves are falling in swirls. I love to watch the leaves fall. I love to be in the wind and feel them light on me like snow.However it is far less romantic to have to be raking them into recycle bins and asking the neighbors to use theirs.

Back to romantic thoughts......... I think I like this surprising myself!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dear Friends

Oh my! I just saw my dear friends new blog and shop. Linda and Ludmil at the new Willow Nest in Texas . I wish Icould have been there. The blogging world no doubt knows them well. I am so glad to see the magic continue and spread, like her beautiful glitter. Texas is being glittered and Ludmilized. sigh...........

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I was thinking about our visit to Stonehenge. I was not enthusiastic at first, afraid it would be too tourist ridden. To my continued amazement it was wonderful ! The Salisbury plains are vast even though the traffic flows past. The day was windy and cloudy. I was untroubled by the people and enjoyed the ancient stones and the history we listened to in our little ear bugs. They have done an amazing job saving the sight for what hopes to be many generations. It had a mystical air about it ,even with the tourists and care takers[seeding the lawns]. I don't want to go into the history here but hope anyone who might read this will read more and be as fascinated as David and I . Things are continuing to be discovered about this wonderful place. I came away with such feelings of gratefulness and appreciation for those who take on the job of protecting these historical sights and truly honor those who take on the task.
We joined the National Trust . I so wish we worked as hard in our cities ,saving our simple buildings and houses. I guess you can tell I ,am so glad to have seen Stonehenge. To have not been too jaded to seek out this magical mystical place.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I hope someone will enjoy these. I feel like a kid when I see someone has visited my little world. I only hope to be able to share so many picture of places and eventually my art. I am busy with Christmas for the local show and will take picture at Thea's next week. I am planing a tree with crystals I have been collecting ; Italy, France and England. They will be necklaces some day but fun to put on trees this year.

Oh to be in England!





More Withies

It seems I must do a new post for each picture.... enjoy

New Pictures of The Withies

I have been engrossed in memories of England! It seems to me it is so much more fun and fantasy, when I can call upon my memories as I read about the the places ,gardens and buildings I have already been to. I wish I could revisit them after reading all the wonderfull histories. The years; 11th ,12th centuries and into the Elizebethan,Victorian,Edwardian etc. are so fascinating. History is so much more fun as one ages adn can begin to see things in a continuu m.

Back to the pictures......... Iam hoping t be able to post a gallery of them. Andrew is helping me investigate a new blog medium. Well shall we see??????