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Sunday, February 26, 2012

creative realization

This may not be new however it is a "re-realization" to me. I have long been aware that I need to do something creative everyday. It may be expressed in my art (that is usually spread across my dining table), my garden or even my checking my Face book page.
My process is to build upon something already "out" there that moves me. Finding a feather has led me to blog. Finding a quote in book or magazine leads to a page in one of my journals. Even finding something when I ham out junking leads me to make a change,no matter how small, in my home or again my garden.
I find it hard to begin in my imagination. This is the way I have always decorated and designed my home. Give me a room or house and I can envision walls out. Take me on a drive and let me see a house and the synapses pop. I seem to want to start "somewhere".
"YUP"...I want to be inspired! "YUP"...that's me and that is my process...my realization.