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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Eye for color...not in fashion...but my love!

I love color! Bright, joyous alive color!!! I think I always have been drawn to things bright and bold. For awhile I was seduced by the monochromatic and "peaceful" rooms of whites and creams and in this time of all things white ,I felt a little apologetic of a passion for color . While I didn't succumb to the seduction to white rooms with chipped cream paint, I did sell and paint things to enhance and fit into these rooms and I no doubt will continue.

Looking back at the photos I have taken on my travels I see an eye drawn to and capturing vignettes where it is a color that seems to tell the story.

I am surprised that it has taken me this long to "claim" my color identity! I do have a red wall and russet couch. I hang my Mexican art on that red wall and love it. I plant bright flower es in my garden and collect all colors of fabric and silk flowers, of ribbon and trims. Yes that is me and my love!!!!!

So...what brought about this need to at last claim my " color voice"? While sitting in a movie, an Elizabethan dark movie scene...I noticed on a desk a stuffed parrot in vibrant greens and blues. I couldn't take my eyes of that magnificent albeit stuffed bird. I loved it!!!! It's me it's OK and I love natures expressions of the rainbow!!!! For every white soothing room there is somewhere a room that is reminiscent of the "Renaissance" or old masters. A room that is enveloped in the red of Cardinal's robes and the blues and greens of Monet's garden. I find that people like my cards that show these things and plan to go out and revel in this colorful world. It seems to me that it has taken me some time to realize what anyone who reads my blog, sees my photos has known!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AMAZING!!!


Fisherman's cottage Clovelly, UK

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hidden Messages

I have been busy collecting and aging books.

I have been discovering...

People use fun things for book marks and leave them behind. Tucked between pages I have found pictures,slips of notes and last night I found a business card from Tiffany & C0. on Rodeo Dr. (Beverly Hills,Ca). Today I found a book report and schedule for some ones week. It makes me wonder what I have left behind or sent out into the world . I also wonder about the people who have read these books and perhaps the families that have cleared them out when someone has passed on. I enjoy reading books from the 1940's as well as books from English authors (Booker prize winners). I am fond of castles and old manor houses, villages and old churches. I love a good ghost story with a monk or "white lady" thrown in. Finding the "bits and bobs" makes me hope I left something interesting for other to find!