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Saturday, August 29, 2009

getting ready

I am doing a Fall look for the Lake Oswego show but here are some things I may have there also. Some witchy things are in the works but..........

Thursday, August 27, 2009


A late start for these sunflowers.........they have made up for the late start and he birds have noticed.

Return to creating

It is good to have guests but also good to get back to work. Her are some powder jars Linda gave me. I did the rest!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

On the Road Again

I just got an email from L&L. They took off early this morning and made it to near Klamath. They blew out a bearing on the trailer..Oh My! I won't go into all but they are safe. Let's send the road Angels to help!!!! They may be there for awhile. The bad news is there is no phone signal there. Oh well thanks to modern technology the is always the world wide web.

It is a long way back to Texas. We had a nice visit with them and it is always good to hug !!!!!!

L&L are like family. Willow Nest has been a big part of my creative history. I have come a long way. My work has grown and changed;much of that due to the feedback , cheers and lessons I have learned. I was really amazed at my growth and ability to take in info. with more calm and open mindedness than I have in the past. I have defended and been wounded when I should just have listened. I guess I am growing. I am definitely more at peace with my work and myself.

David and I will miss our buds!!!!! It was good to sit and share our beers and wine in our wonderful yard.We are surrounded by the projects which Ludmil has touched. We added some new touches. These things we have missed since the move.

Well Texas you are getting back my teachers, friends and creative soul mates. Enjoy them! Keep them safe,deep in the heart of Texas. I for one am not going there 'till it cools off!!~!~!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Play Date/Play Mates

Oh did we have a good time1 Robin[Tweets] came to play and learn from Natalie[Sparrow] for a day of paper, soldering and snacking at my house. It took us a little while to get down to work 'cause we were enjoying the garden and touring the rest of my little world. It is such fun to spend time with soul sisters. We share,encourage and cheer each other on in all of our endeavors and challenges. WE all have something to teach to each other. We are all accomplished at something....... it is that we have to remember when our confidence flags. New cheers, new eyes to see our world and ourselves. This is the gift of girlfriends!

Friday, August 14, 2009


I was there.... for a visit at BH. They are all a buzz!!!! Busy as bees. What a treat it will be for everyone. I visited the kitten friends I made at the flea market. My how they have grown. Oops the I go with kitty talk again. I am going to share a picture Robin took on a visit......they are so charming!!! She is welcome to play at my house anytime. We had so much fun we forgot to take pictures.

I can't to hear[or should I say read] the blog buzz after the great event. Do have fun!!!!!!! I did...and you all will be buying.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


For those of you who may have marked your calender for the Lake Oswego antique fair. I really goofed. The CORRECT date Is SUNDAY ,SEPT. 13 9am-4pm. Hope to see lots of people!
I am looking forward to Barn House/ Willow Nest sale and then the Tarte/ Willow Nest sale. Good luck and see you there.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A change in the air

The cat is asleep on my lap. I promise not to keep blogging about him.

The weather has changed. Autumn is inching ever forward. Now I will begin the cutting albeit slowly of spent holly hocks. The asters will soon be blooming the autumn joy sedum will be blushing. The first of the fall blooming cyclamen are up. I will get a picture of these sweet babies ans share.

I am cleaned of projects on my surfaces. Linda and Ludmil will be back but then the projects will come out. I am enjoying seeing the cleared top of my big table. It won't last long The first weekend in Sept. is coming fast and I have decided to jump on Fall season in my booth at the Lake Oswego antique fair[1stSUNDAY] in Sept.

You did it!!!

WINSTON has returned. Unlike my other kitty Ivy,Winston did not end up as a coyote snack. He was crying at the back door when I got up. It was just like I imagined,to see him there. Thank you for the prayers and wishes. I wish I knew where he was. He is much thinner and was as glad to see me as I him.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thanks......... See This..........

Thank you for the many wishes for my Winston. I have a hole in my heart. Every time I hear little bell my heart leaps.

On a lighter note we went to see "Julia/ Julie" yesterday. What a treat. Charming doesn't quite do it justice for me. As I sit here blogging...her journey on a blog was a hoot. It was reading others talk about their blogging that finally gave me the courage to jump in. I am still treading water but gaining confidence!!!!!!!!!!! Their relationship with food....Mine but why is neither of them fat. My picture I am sure would look very different. Just go and enjoy.

Linda and Ludmil are off at Barn House setting up the magic. they leave in their wake a lovely gift of warm time together...laughs and a new space for me to be in my shop. I only hope I can 1-find things 2-Keep it that way. Maybe I am in luck they only come once a year! I do so appreciate all they did. They are busy, busy trailing loveliness!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

cherished house guests

The Texans have arrived! So good to have our buddies back in the NW. They are loaded and today at Barn House getting the lay of the land. I do hope everyone turns out for the EVENT!

I blue today as my cat Winston is missing. Robin got a lovely picture she sent to me and I so hope that is not the final one. Thank you Robin. I am still hoping...........

The other picture are of the project dear Linda and Ludmil took on. THEY TOTALLY REDID MY SHOWROOM. You can never know what a major job that was. Such sweet friends. Linda is the master editor. Have a lot of product in my basement. I also am ready for the Lake Oswego antique fair. It is the first weekend in Sept. Come say hi! It is not nearly the event that Tarte and BH have but it is only 2 blocks from home. That is nice!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Returning to my garden

At last the days are cooler. I can go into the garden for something other than panic watering. I have missed my time in the evenings to just wander through the garden and enjoy[while picking weeds]. I am not a heat loving or even a heat liking or even a heat tolerating person. One

only has to ask my family. I never thought 90 degrees would look good


The garden has had a difficult time this year. Spring was cooler and things started slowly. Then the heat has burned a lot of things. Winter was hard on things too. I guess others wouldn't notice but I' bet black spot is having it's way with other rose gardens and come to think of it they[the roses] are looking much happier after the heat wave


The hollyhocks;from which my little house takes it's name, are much shorter this year.This has made David happy because there was less staking. The Lillies aren't as many either. I don't know why after all these years I'm seem to be noticing these quirks.

I planted giant sunflowers on the side of the green house. They are GIANT but are just beginning to develop the flowers. I love to watch the finches and nuthatches hang upside down to feed on the seeds.

All and all these are small things. I love to find the blue jay feathers as I am weeding. I love to have the hummingbirds dive at my head as I go out the back door. I love watching the sparrows bathe in the bowl hanging from the teutere and rose. My garden is a real joy and job. Am I right gardeners??????

Thank you Robin for the wonderful pictures. Please come back. There is something so nice about sharing the garden as well as seeing it with new eyes.

Linda and Ludmil are arriving from Texas. There is also something about having guests that makes one "tidy" up. Much nicer word than clean!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures from our farmers market