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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Play Date/Play Mates

Oh did we have a good time1 Robin[Tweets] came to play and learn from Natalie[Sparrow] for a day of paper, soldering and snacking at my house. It took us a little while to get down to work 'cause we were enjoying the garden and touring the rest of my little world. It is such fun to spend time with soul sisters. We share,encourage and cheer each other on in all of our endeavors and challenges. WE all have something to teach to each other. We are all accomplished at something....... it is that we have to remember when our confidence flags. New cheers, new eyes to see our world and ourselves. This is the gift of girlfriends!


robinbird said...

awwww girlfriend what a sweet post :) i know just what mean about the encouragement and cheers of girlfriends feeding the creative spirit. i had so much fun!!!! i can't believe i am so fortunate to have such talented and generous women to hang out with. i am already getting ideas for the next round of soldering..... i love my little diorama bird nest and yours too!!

ludmil said...

Not too bad for first try girls.I saw the results and i like them.Would be nice to put some pictures of the "Soldering catch of the day".Keep on trying.

Florence said...

I wish I could of been there. Looks like you had fun.

The Green Pea said...

I forgot to mention how cute the mother cat and her baby are....Sandi

Kati Neal said...

You're so right, Julie, we all have something to learn AND teach each other. We are each accomplished at something!! I'm going to post this on my Truly B Facebook wall! LOVE IT!