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Thursday, August 6, 2009

cherished house guests

The Texans have arrived! So good to have our buddies back in the NW. They are loaded and today at Barn House getting the lay of the land. I do hope everyone turns out for the EVENT!

I blue today as my cat Winston is missing. Robin got a lovely picture she sent to me and I so hope that is not the final one. Thank you Robin. I am still hoping...........

The other picture are of the project dear Linda and Ludmil took on. THEY TOTALLY REDID MY SHOWROOM. You can never know what a major job that was. Such sweet friends. Linda is the master editor. Have a lot of product in my basement. I also am ready for the Lake Oswego antique fair. It is the first weekend in Sept. Come say hi! It is not nearly the event that Tarte and BH have but it is only 2 blocks from home. That is nice!


marble rose said...

Oh I love hearing what's happening with you guys way over there - but this time it's sad news about your cat - I do hope he/she turns up!


Maison Douce said...

Oh, Julie, I do hope your cat will show up... I can't wait to see L & L, I know it will be magical!!

marble rose said...

Well what a small world - or maybe I was just attracted to your blog name...because....

I LIVE NEXT TO THE WITHIES!!!! I even know the couple who run it! Great food, lovely little pub and Compton is a great place.



Celticlass said...

Wishing you and your cherished house guests the most wonderful enjoyable weekend.
Many Blessings, Erin
P.S.: I'll send up a prayer for your cat to return.