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Sunday, August 23, 2009

On the Road Again

I just got an email from L&L. They took off early this morning and made it to near Klamath. They blew out a bearing on the trailer..Oh My! I won't go into all but they are safe. Let's send the road Angels to help!!!! They may be there for awhile. The bad news is there is no phone signal there. Oh well thanks to modern technology the is always the world wide web.

It is a long way back to Texas. We had a nice visit with them and it is always good to hug !!!!!!

L&L are like family. Willow Nest has been a big part of my creative history. I have come a long way. My work has grown and changed;much of that due to the feedback , cheers and lessons I have learned. I was really amazed at my growth and ability to take in info. with more calm and open mindedness than I have in the past. I have defended and been wounded when I should just have listened. I guess I am growing. I am definitely more at peace with my work and myself.

David and I will miss our buds!!!!! It was good to sit and share our beers and wine in our wonderful yard.We are surrounded by the projects which Ludmil has touched. We added some new touches. These things we have missed since the move.

Well Texas you are getting back my teachers, friends and creative soul mates. Enjoy them! Keep them safe,deep in the heart of Texas. I for one am not going there 'till it cools off!!~!~!!!!!!!!


Florence said...

I am sending this angels to be with them on their journey and will know that they are receiving all the help they need to continue their journey home. Thanks for sharing this with us all, as we all care deeply for Linda and Ludmil. They have touched so many lives.

The Green Pea said...

Oh! I am sorry for them, I am glad it is fixable and they are safe. Texas is a long ways away. But on the bright side they enjoy each other and will have plenty of quality time to talk. Thanks for keeping us up on their travels. A prayer is on its way too. Sandi

Celticlass said...

My daughter just came home to see your kitten picture and was quite enamored since we have a new kitten just like it. The story of your creative path truly touched my heart and helped, thank you. Hope Linda and Ludmil are okay and home safe now. Linda was so kind to me at the Tarte sale and my girls and I have always loved buying books and treasures from you.
Many Blessings to all of you,