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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


 I am returning to blog. I had used it for posting my art but have decided to expand it for my own use.

I have been using face book more than a blog space. The changes I have been aware of  in me have made me desire a place to expres.  Maybe it is Spring fever, maybe it is turning 65 or approaching other life changes but I have drawn into myself ,read more, pet my cat (Oliver) more and sad to say created "art" less.

I don't know if this pattern is lasting but I am going to talk to myself on this page...day by day or~~~?! I use to get ego envolved if no one came to my "little blog party". I am giving  myself a rest...celebrating where I am and sorting out what creativity means to me.  I certainly  give enough of my advice about life to my dear children and grand children....taking some of my own ..."there are more ways to live and be creative than on paper" 

My first or should I say NEXT moment I take here will be to share>>>with myself, the shift in life from aquiring STUFF to letting go!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For  me and others, been there done that but at his point in life...looking at what that means to ME and how I have identified with this gathering and now disperseing

Aquestion I Have to ASK~~~why no spell check on blog spot?