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Friday, July 29, 2011

Where am I ??????

Pathways... whether in our world, within a rose or deep within our spirit can lead us any where. I guess I have been away from blogging on a pathway of which I am still not sure.

Creating has been hard for me. Gardening, a joy has had me noticing too many "weeds" rather than flowers....busy busy busy...with what I am not sure~~?~~~.

Time out!!! I couldn't remember how to access my blog. That means it has been way too long since I have sat down and thought about what I am doing in time and space!

"Take a breath Julie"....look around and give a sincere" thank you". Give up the voice in your head that is (not whispering) yelling at you to do it right...check the computer...dust all your stuff...and alas pick those weeds! Even telling me it has been too long since I "BLOGGED".

OK I get it . I think I will feed the birds...make something (even if it is not art worthy) and just maybe just sit in my yard awhile.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~