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Monday, May 24, 2010

clouds have cleared

The storm has passed. The beach has been washed new things have been churned up. New things waiting to be discovered.

It was a pretty difficult time for me last week. I was disappointed when I was notified regarding the loss of a venue I have been fond of. For the most part the disappointment was in the manner I was notified. SO.... after the shock and sadness, the clouds cleared and I was left with the love and support of so many.
New and exciting things areon my horizon!!!!
Next month is a special event at Thea's store in the Pearl district. I am privileged to have been invited to be one of her guest artists and have been working hard creating things for a wedding themed evening. Thank you Thea for you support and encouragement.
Another exciting event is on the horizon. Laura and Jason Angel are almost ready to open the doors on Sixpence. I am honored to have been chosen to be a small part what is sure to be a real destination for those who love to hunt and gather.......or just plane visit and enjoy beautiful things is an enchanting setting. Lake Oswego is in for a treat. Check out the blog atwww.sispenceantiques.blogspot.com Thea's is wwww.theashome.blogspot.com
So You see I allot of excitement coming my way. I know things always change. I am so blessed to have such wonderful support. Moments like this also give me an opportunity focus on how I want to live my life and relate to others. Kindness and respect,gentleness and truth are the things I hold dear and try to give to others.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a little respite

At last a chance to breathe and walk on the beach with David. The last few months have been a challenge. The passing of David's father as well as life in general has taken a toll.
It has been wonderful doing one of my favorite things...gathering agates on the beach.
My mind wanders as I try to let go of things!! I am not good at quieting my thoughts. Things hide in the corners of my mind.... life's "blips" and "bumps" are waiting to taking me away from the moment.
I realize as I search for the shiny little stone that give me such pleasure, that they are often found on the edge where the wave and sand meet. Pushed up on the sand by the waves and found resting in the flotsam under my feet. Then I realize they are best found hiding near the edges of the great boulders bordering the cove....I look there and am rewarded. Soon I realize time has passed..thoughts have come and gone. I realize I can't solve my or the worlds problems. What I can do it glance down and often there at my feet, just often enough... is a large glowing and sometimes rough prized stone. Even more prized is the brief time I have been involved in beauty outside my thoughts. As I often remind my too busy and stressed son, I remind myself.....Breathe!
Then I come back to the room....empty my pockets and count my blessings.

Friday, May 7, 2010