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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a little respite

At last a chance to breathe and walk on the beach with David. The last few months have been a challenge. The passing of David's father as well as life in general has taken a toll.
It has been wonderful doing one of my favorite things...gathering agates on the beach.
My mind wanders as I try to let go of things!! I am not good at quieting my thoughts. Things hide in the corners of my mind.... life's "blips" and "bumps" are waiting to taking me away from the moment.
I realize as I search for the shiny little stone that give me such pleasure, that they are often found on the edge where the wave and sand meet. Pushed up on the sand by the waves and found resting in the flotsam under my feet. Then I realize they are best found hiding near the edges of the great boulders bordering the cove....I look there and am rewarded. Soon I realize time has passed..thoughts have come and gone. I realize I can't solve my or the worlds problems. What I can do it glance down and often there at my feet, just often enough... is a large glowing and sometimes rough prized stone. Even more prized is the brief time I have been involved in beauty outside my thoughts. As I often remind my too busy and stressed son, I remind myself.....Breathe!
Then I come back to the room....empty my pockets and count my blessings.

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Florence said...

There is something very healing about going to the ocean. The agates are the bonus. Breathe my friend. Hugs Florence