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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Door to Grace"

In a past blog I told you about a wonderful group called "Door to Grace". They came to me via Laura and "Sixpence"and I was invited to share my art at a training for volunteers. At the time I met Teri and Lori I felt a kinship for them and this great endeavor. The girls/ women who have been caught in the web of sex trafficking have no shelter or trained staff to assist in the challenging work of not only rescue but recovery of " person" and self esteem that has made them so vulnerable those who use and abuse them. "Door to Grace" is stepping forward to meet the challenge. A much needed home and opportunity for these women to reclaim the spirits that have been so abused and begin to discover the joy that is a right for all of us.

The event was a big success and I am humbled in the presence of all the people who have stepped forward to face this greatest of tasks. They are truly blessed, as I am to have been invited.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year underway and THANKS

New years is not my favorite...shall I say event[holiday], whatever. I have been trying to learn to face each day with a positive "stepping out" attitude. This for me is like learning a new language. Not all of us come from backgrounds that view the "glass half full". Learning THIS and other life affirming ways of thinking/loving/dreaming and being is a journey I have been on for some time and I want to leave this as a legacy for family and friends.

In my opinion.......I have felt soooo much pressure is placed on a single time/day. That pressure has sometimes caused me to look back and see the things that have been"challenges" as negative. I am choosing to change that focus and I have to give thanks to the positive "angels/souls" in my life that love and teach me new ways of being and thinking.

To all of those.ANGELS*** FRIENDS***sweet spirits who are leading and along for the ride, thank you ,LOVE YOU and let us "step out" into a new day each day....how about each moment?