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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year underway and THANKS

New years is not my favorite...shall I say event[holiday], whatever. I have been trying to learn to face each day with a positive "stepping out" attitude. This for me is like learning a new language. Not all of us come from backgrounds that view the "glass half full". Learning THIS and other life affirming ways of thinking/loving/dreaming and being is a journey I have been on for some time and I want to leave this as a legacy for family and friends.

In my opinion.......I have felt soooo much pressure is placed on a single time/day. That pressure has sometimes caused me to look back and see the things that have been"challenges" as negative. I am choosing to change that focus and I have to give thanks to the positive "angels/souls" in my life that love and teach me new ways of being and thinking.

To all of those.ANGELS*** FRIENDS***sweet spirits who are leading and along for the ride, thank you ,LOVE YOU and let us "step out" into a new day each day....how about each moment?

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Ormolulu said...

It takes a lot of courage to be so honest and put it all out there. Thanks for that honesty; it helps me keep things in perspective. One thing is for sure, we never stop learning (hopefully). And that's reassuring.

Some of my greatest experiences were not necessarily pleasant or positive, but I learned to dig deep inside for the lessons. I'm grateful for the supporters . . . and also for those who may not have seen *me* as I see myself.

Happy 2011 . . . all the days ahead!