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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

found beginnings / artful endings

 I have said it before for me a journey...a creative experience usually begins with a found object.
This was a tin I found with wonderful graphics.  Then it was on to my drawers and DRAWERS of paper and words I have cut and torn out of  who knows where.
 I added the vintage ephemera for a little pop of color...the tiny bottle of paint (perfect fit). The three monkeys (speak no evil-hear no evil-see no evil) remind me of my three children.
The tiny heart locket in the bottom right hand corner opens to reveal  "Withies".  Fun touch!  This is a perfect example of my collecting of "bits and bobs" and how I may have them for a long time until they find the "just right" home.   As I have blogged before...an object will tell me what it wants to become.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Art as Comfort

Miss Kitty Eva...a dear friend

                   Saying good-bye to a friend who has been there and brought joy and comfort for so many years is hard to say the least. There have been so many good" head licks" and cuddles! I am so glad she is not suffering but making that decision is a tough one and one not taken lightly...even though she is a cat. I felt a sense of responsibility for my old friend and am sending her off with a lot of tears.
                   I am so pleased to have had art projects waiting. It feels so soothing to busy myself with something creative...at least it helped me stop crying for a little while.

                     Thank you Eva for all the love and devotion!!!!! You will be missed and remembered!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Take time~~~

       I took a walk this morning...the choice to power walk stop and smell the lilacs. it amazes me how lilacs are almost invisible until SPRING. It also amazes me how much fun it is to walk and see other gardens,when I spend so much time in mine.  Lesson learned...I don't have to power walk and I don't have to pick weeds in other's gardens. I can just admire!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


an old book cover...too pretty to throw away
my favorite Tennyson poem
Starting somewhere is better....for me that usually means a found oject.  These projects can become almost a meditation...laid out on my table....returned to over and over,changed and added to!!!

I am pleased with this one!

Monday, April 30, 2012

i havebeen away********

I have not been to this page for some time.    I started a blog to share and have a chronicle of my art.
This process has not been an easy one for me as my relationship to technology is strained.   I have found that my garden ended up in my blogs more often than my artistic  projects.

Even more than this, I have found myself thinking less often of "important" things I may have to share. Who am I and what is it I want in my day to day life that others might be interested in?  I want more calm, I want more simple joys and I don't like struggling with new and not so new technological equipment. Alas they have changed the blog format since the last time I posted and it has been a challenge to get this together.

I love sharing with people and love talking to people....typing to people not so much. I have become accustomed to chat on face book...short bursts of my opinions and "wisdom".
I am gong to  use this blog even if no one reads it. I will no doubt share the the changes I am going through and there have been many. I have heard from other people the same thing I have been thinking...WHAT DO I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP?  I think as I figure me out I just may blog about it. Until then I hope someone might stop by to see what the artist Julie might be doing.

By the way I do love spell check!!!!! I wish I had had that way back when!

a story in colored butterflies

These pieces of paper and pictures I haved saved, led me ....


i dream of butterflies

This project has been in my thoughts for some time. I found  the globe...collected the butterflies.
 I had a fun time placing and playing with the colors.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

creative realization

This may not be new however it is a "re-realization" to me. I have long been aware that I need to do something creative everyday. It may be expressed in my art (that is usually spread across my dining table), my garden or even my checking my Face book page.
My process is to build upon something already "out" there that moves me. Finding a feather has led me to blog. Finding a quote in book or magazine leads to a page in one of my journals. Even finding something when I ham out junking leads me to make a change,no matter how small, in my home or again my garden.
I find it hard to begin in my imagination. This is the way I have always decorated and designed my home. Give me a room or house and I can envision walls out. Take me on a drive and let me see a house and the synapses pop. I seem to want to start "somewhere".
"YUP"...I want to be inspired! "YUP"...that's me and that is my process...my realization.