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Monday, April 30, 2012

i havebeen away********

I have not been to this page for some time.    I started a blog to share and have a chronicle of my art.
This process has not been an easy one for me as my relationship to technology is strained.   I have found that my garden ended up in my blogs more often than my artistic  projects.

Even more than this, I have found myself thinking less often of "important" things I may have to share. Who am I and what is it I want in my day to day life that others might be interested in?  I want more calm, I want more simple joys and I don't like struggling with new and not so new technological equipment. Alas they have changed the blog format since the last time I posted and it has been a challenge to get this together.

I love sharing with people and love talking to people....typing to people not so much. I have become accustomed to chat on face book...short bursts of my opinions and "wisdom".
I am gong to  use this blog even if no one reads it. I will no doubt share the the changes I am going through and there have been many. I have heard from other people the same thing I have been thinking...WHAT DO I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP?  I think as I figure me out I just may blog about it. Until then I hope someone might stop by to see what the artist Julie might be doing.

By the way I do love spell check!!!!! I wish I had had that way back when!


Florence said...

I am glad you are back. I know the feeling, wondering if anyone is actually reading the blog, comments are diminishing, I think people are just reading them. Yes I thought yikes when I went to post last week, with the new format, I just said breathe you can do it. I love sharing and someday I want to print my on line journal. Hugs to you sweet friend. I would love to come and see your gardens sometime. Florence

marble rose said...

I haven't written a blog fo rages - but I do still read your (and yours Flo)

It is the technology that puts me off - and I do feel like on eof the oldies.

I started a new one - which is so simple - - hope it cheers you up a bit http://knittynoraworld.blogspot.co.uk/


Julie said...

Dear Florence and Marble Rose, yhank you so much for encouragement. I plan to host a day in the garden...each phase is special. M.R. I wish you could come! I promise to struggle through "posts and pictures" THANKS!!!!