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Friday, January 30, 2009

beautiful greens

These pics. show the wonderful greens. I do love green. Of course I love the PNWest.


So pretty. I will miss these.

hawaiian photo

Another market photo.......................PROTEAS. Love the colors and the touch of blue.


That was a mistake . I have been sitting here putting tags on soooooo many pictures and again am trying to upload we will see if I can manage. If not excuse.

this is a beautifull picture of a group of leis I saw in a market.

last day in paradise

Monday, January 26, 2009


Hello from Maui!!!!!!!!!!!! I was able to get one of my pictures uploaded and get my self up and running on line. I have been on line with my Barn House guy Jermonne. I just got the schedule for the year and it is very exciting. I do enjoy cyber space when it works..weeeee.....! I didn't get set up for a day or two but it seemed to work fine. I did begin to write my bio. in long hand. That is quite a process. Reviewing my creative history is thoughtfull at the least and the journey of my art is an interesting story of my interests and loves all converging, intersectingrctin and crisscrossing . It is amazing to review the hows and whys of a life of aquiring and then rearranging those well love object into art, My art. it is nowsuch a part of my daily life that I bring along projects as I have mentioned. This year it is necklaces[ a little heavy] but I am having fun.
It is raining today in paradise; a warm rain. aloha!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Here we are in wonderful sunshine and flowers. My challenges with this" sweet machine" have presented again. I have not been able to upload pictures. I seem to have to keep learning. This again is what life is all about I guess.
I have been making necklaces. It feels good ! I always bring something to keep me creating. Usually I tear out and collect picture and words for my collections. One reason I brought this "sweet machine" is to look up some quotes to ad d to my web page. I also enjoyed Linda and Ludmil's pictures of Willow Nest Inn. It was as wonderful as expected. The Withies gift to them is a guest book . David and I are trying to plan another trip to Texas.
After a breakfast of apple bananas and rambutan, I am going back to relaxing in warm beautiful paradise.
That is, after I spell check!!!!!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Last of the flowers

This pictur is the last one I have of flowers in the garden. Everything is sad now ........we will have to wait and see what will survive. There
are some tiny shoots just poking out.
We are gettting ready for our next trip. Hawaii here we come! It willbe wonderfull being warm and smelling the sweet air, but most of all THE FLOWERS! I love the Northwest and all the green but at this time of year I do miss my garden and it's flowers.
One thing we have continued to delight in is the humming birds. All through the icy days sweet David trudged out to thaw the feeders. Over and over again! The little hummers waited patiently[ not] for him to finish his task. Winston[our cat] sat at the window drooling and chirping cat noises. Now at last the days are warmer, Winston can go out and we are going to be off to Hawaii. All is right with the world.
Met with Jason yesterday to continue work on the website. It is exciting. I am having sweaty palms regarding my learning a new program. Oh well, that will keep my mind young, so they say.............................
I am going to take my lap top on vacation. I will therefore be able to blog and write my bio.[long overdue] for the web page and for Thea's.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

the new year

this picture is taken in the tower at Sissinghurst in England. Stairs and steps, paths and walk ways always catch my imagination. Where do they lead? Where will they take me? As in Robert Frost's "The Road Less Travelled" which ones will I take?
I am not fond of New Years Eve. I prefer to sleep through the big moment.....wake up in the next year. Don't like feeling pressured to experience something. That's me?!? I do have great hopes and dreams for the next year to come. I am glad it's out with the old year.... I want to get my new web sight up and running. I want to focus on my art and growth as a creative spirit. I want to make a blog that people are excited to join and I want to expand the creative community I have come to find and enjoy. Hooray and onward into 2009! Iwould also like to have less yellow corrcetions when I spell check!