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Monday, September 28, 2009

Fond Friends

It was so nice to be in the Tarte flea market. Thank you as always to Cindy for including me. I was a lovely day as well as a beautiful location [even with allergy issues]. We were next to the horse pasture and enjoyed his saying "hi" every now and then. It was as always so nice to see friends and make new ones. I had not had the opportunity to see Martha "Vintage Trifles" for some time. I use to be next to her often at Willow Nest shows in Mount Pleasant. Martha is an amazing artist as is her elf Patty. It was good to see the Christine Lefever doll artist extraordinaire and dear Gregory, her other....Yes a good day all around.

Did everyone see the Oregonian article yesterday? If not.... run to read the great article by Bridget Otto. She has become a regular at the shows and a fan of Barn House and Tarte. The bow to Willow nest as a friend and mentor was heart warming. The entire article picks up and breathes the air of all the creative souls and the bloggers who share the wonderful gypsy world of.......I have not found the proper word for who we are what we do and how we are all intertwined but I appreciate and love them all.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I am sure the blog world is buzz with the news of the upcoming Flea Market at Tarte. This Saturday I will join Cindy and special vendors and guests for an event under the Autumn trees. I am very excited as I have been busy. I hear there is a friendly goat so my Fall produce will have to come out right before show time.... and believe me it will be show.
This picture was taken in England last year.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Autumn Arrives

The summer!!!!

The last days of Summer! My yard has that blowzy feel of blown roses and arching hollyhocks. They lean as the blooms have extended to top,spreading seeds along the length of tall fading plants. There are some younger plants just beginning to bloom at the base of the seniors. This and the new buds on the roses remind me that it is not the end but merely a transition. This is a good reminder that middle age can be as lovely as youth. Maybe the garden as well as myself does not have the vigor of spring but is still a joyous time blooming and spreading the bounty.A treasure acquired in the fullness of warm sunny days. I look back at picture of the garden. I see roses blooming when the first snow arrived. Perhaps all this is identifying a little too much with my garden but I look up and see the leaves and seeds swirling and yes DANCING!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Tarte Flea Market

I am very excited!!!! I am going to be doing the flea market at The Land of Tarte. I admire Cindy's talent and charm and have always enjoyed working with her. We are going to have such a good time. The day [I am hoping] will be a wonderful example of Fall Glory!!! I am getting too excited aren't I!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Signs of Fall

The sunflowers have reached their full height and begun to grow heavy as they dry. The tiny birds have stripped the leaves almost bare. Did you think you had bugs or slugs? I did until I watched them on the giant leaves. an unexpected rain brought one o the smallest to it's virtual knees. Several of the other ones are resting their heads on the green house roof.

A change in the air

Fall!!!!! The colors have begun!!!!! One only has to look at the things that sing to my heart to know that I love this time year. The leaves begin to change and glow from within. Even the dying leaves dance as they swirl to the ground[ I know I have to rake them up!] but I can appreciate the dance.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Weekend Away

We had a wonderful weekend in Seattle. Andre was the best man at his oldest friend's weeding. He and Ted met when they were 3 in preschool. What treat to watch them still standing next to one another. I was beautiful. He and his bride,Lauren folded 1000 cranes for the reception.

While there we visited Pike's market of course and the antique mall there. Rose[Andrew's sweetie] and I dropped in and were looking around. I saw a small mannequin and it caught my eye, being that I MAKE MANNEQUIN ANGELS. As I looked closer I started to notice familiarities. My gosh it was one of mine and I saw the signature on the back. I think the ladies they use to come to Willow Nest . We continued on and I looked up and there was another one. You know I still am pleased with them.

The Flowers at the market we amazing. You know me and flower photos. Well I took a FEW. This time of year it is the dahlias. The colors were amazing. Yes I think they will go next to the green house next year. The GIANT sunflowers are so heavy that the rain made them fall. They are peeking through the glass roof.I am not sure the birds can get to them.

When we were in Fremont area I was asking some ladies in Essenza where i should go for MAGIC. They told me about a mixed media artist who has a store. MAXINE"S. Short story we couldn't find it but I looked it up on line and we were so close. Check it out. For sure next time.