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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Leaving London for the country

Another busy day in London town. We went to Wesminster Abby.and walk ed amoung British roalty[deceased of course]. IT IS AN AMMAZING PIECE OF HISTORY. The Poets corner always make my heart leap. Too many to mention here but think of any English author or poet, actor or playright and the are remembered there. It is amazing to see the tombs o all the kings and queens, princes and religous. i don't need ot go on..........
I am looking forward to the quiet of the country and seeing natural geen. Parks are nice but I guess I miss my garden. I even find myself collecting pidgeon feathers to make something.
i didn't have the coursge to enter a cyber cafe but I am back at the hotel and soooooo tired.

Monday, September 15, 2008

amazing !

What a busy and csmopolitan city. We went to Camden mkt. yesterday....Saturday mkt. on steroids plus. the stall of modern funkclothes and music all in a wonderful area called The Stables. Every kind of food from every corner of the world! then on to the Tate museum to see Turner exibit et al. Beautifull. Dinner was in a charming resturant with gilt and velvet every where. Opera themed and even served diners in opera boxes all in small scale. It wa so enchanting and over the top at the same time.

Yesterday we wer on Portobello road......again masses of people. The stall re so small and cramed in tiny alleys. It would take weeks to see it all. I did find a booth with wonder full ribon scraps. I am going o sew them to French rebbon and make bracelets. OF COURSE lots od fun findin things for necklaces and always on the lookou for paper scrap. Snipits of wonderfull things I can carry home.

The tube is getting easier every day I sure wish we had such a system. Again PEOPLE all going places. I prefer the buses so I can get a feel of where we are in the city.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

England is here and well.

Well here I am on the other side of the pond. her I am struggling witha nother computer. We found Bermondsy market and already made purchase. London has changed since we were here about 24 years ago. On today to Portobello road. David to do museums me to brouse and take pictres. Found a wonderfill market Buroughs yesterday. Cheerio for now. DAY ONE OF COMPUTER CHALLANGE COMPLET ED. OR NOT PICTURES A BUST. SORRY

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My work shop is set to rights. Projects are set away. Thinking about Barn House Harvest celebration will wait 'till I return. I have enjoyed getting this blog put together with Andrew's help. It is great being taught by ones children. I guess that's true in life as well as with computers.

I'm off in search of internet cafes and to upload pictures.......

"You only live once-but if you do it right,once is enough."

Frank Sinatra

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

leaving the nest

It is always stressfull getting ready to go on vacation. I miss my yard I miss my cats and yes I miss my nest. Idon't get very excited 'till all my ducks are in,shall we say a row. The weather is warm and wonderfull. I would like a promise of two days of rain a week. Maybe the leaves could wait for my return before turning their glorious shades of Autumn and Ihope there will be one last bloom of roses,when we come home.

Monday, September 8, 2008

the beginning

Along time comming. I have been so anxious to have my space to visit. We are leaving for England on wednesday and I have wanted tobe able to blog while on our trip. It has been 24 years since we were there. it has been more than 30 years since I first visited and discover the pub called "The Withies" in Compton, Surrey. Obviously it was tohave a profound part in my creative life. I hope to send pictures but have googled and found it. You see as slow as I am at this electronic medium ,I am also fascinated by what it has to offer.

So here I go!!!! I will keep the faith and a record of my journey, hopefully with photos.