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Monday, September 8, 2008

the beginning

Along time comming. I have been so anxious to have my space to visit. We are leaving for England on wednesday and I have wanted tobe able to blog while on our trip. It has been 24 years since we were there. it has been more than 30 years since I first visited and discover the pub called "The Withies" in Compton, Surrey. Obviously it was tohave a profound part in my creative life. I hope to send pictures but have googled and found it. You see as slow as I am at this electronic medium ,I am also fascinated by what it has to offer.

So here I go!!!! I will keep the faith and a record of my journey, hopefully with photos.


ludmil said...

Hi Julie what a wonderfull pictures from your garden-paradise.Probably one of the best in lake OSWEGO area .I always have a great time strolling through and enjoing everi plant and ornaments.I wish you a great discoveries and maybe the guardians will carry through the garden and the cats while your and David have a pint of beer in "Whitties"Cheers and "God save the queen" and the visiting americans with the diminishing value of the $$$.

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