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Monday, September 15, 2008

amazing !

What a busy and csmopolitan city. We went to Camden mkt. yesterday....Saturday mkt. on steroids plus. the stall of modern funkclothes and music all in a wonderful area called The Stables. Every kind of food from every corner of the world! then on to the Tate museum to see Turner exibit et al. Beautifull. Dinner was in a charming resturant with gilt and velvet every where. Opera themed and even served diners in opera boxes all in small scale. It wa so enchanting and over the top at the same time.

Yesterday we wer on Portobello road......again masses of people. The stall re so small and cramed in tiny alleys. It would take weeks to see it all. I did find a booth with wonder full ribon scraps. I am going o sew them to French rebbon and make bracelets. OF COURSE lots od fun findin things for necklaces and always on the lookou for paper scrap. Snipits of wonderfull things I can carry home.

The tube is getting easier every day I sure wish we had such a system. Again PEOPLE all going places. I prefer the buses so I can get a feel of where we are in the city.

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