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Saturday, May 30, 2009

tooooo much wonderful

There are so many wonderful blogs and people in the creative world. I don't have time to check out all the blogs, websites etc. that abound!!!!!!! What am I to do? Tonight I went to a Party/ event planed by my dear daughter in law. Her creative baby Trulely B hosted an event for the benefit of the Susan B Khorman breast cancer foundation and to launch her Truely B name...... which has a goal in helping all girls and women focus on our strengths and gifts, rather than the negative aspects we tend to do. I so admire her drive and focus. I think there can never be too much help for all women in turning our attention away from our perceived lacks and failings. I thank you dear Kate. I wish you much success as well as success for all the women I know and admire.

These are women in various fields.... striking out in helpfull, creative fields. They are reaching for their own private stars and goals. They are facing private fears/ hopes and attempting to make dreams come true. I am still learning to strech my aging but newley sprouted wings of creativity.........this in a world of technology, I do not understand. You go girl!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

waiting for a home

These are my lemon trees waiting......Lots more wonderul things waing to bring charm to my greenhouse. It needs a name. Any ideas? I could use some help.

my gift of love and labor

end of day three ... fitting the glass....took 2 days.....lots of cut hands

Sunday, May 17, 2009

end of day #1

This shows the beginning of our newest project. As I mentioned before, it uses up my "gifts" now and in the future but has always been a dream. Just getting started brought up memories of the major remodel of the house and reminded me of the headaches I had at the time. This of course was a big relief to David. I told him I don't want to take on another big job like that again. You should have heard the sigh!!!!! Maybe you did.

In the beginning.............

There was a Foundation

and walls

The frame goes up slowly

the frame is up, job well done

the builders rest!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Friends Old and New

What a great day at Barn House. I so enjoyed seeing everyone and the day was magnificent!! This as many know was a true blessing ,considering what we have been having.

David spent the day staining the new wood for the greenhouse[my mother's day and anniversary and future Christmas gifts]. It is something I have always wanted and I potted 2 topiary lemon trees for the entrance. My little back porch is really crowded in winter.

Thanks for all the feedback on Sat. about my work. It is always wonderful to talk to the antique and art friends. I miss that since I am doing far less shows than I used to do. I have enjoyed slowing down and having less pressure to get it together!!!! I will be at the B.H. flea market and then the Lake Oswego Sale. I will post dates.

Again I wish I was better typist so I could list all the "old" friends I saw. If the computer gods allow I will list new links to many more.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

cards and memories

These are from Hawaii. If I were a better photograher or just more patient I would love to have more enterd here! Who knows?

More cards and adventures

These are wonderful pictures take in Italy. Most are details of larger works. Each tiny corner of art is a masterpiece in itself. So many of my photos are details.

next project

Hawaii flowers

I have been busy and my table is full. I am making cards with the pictures of our travels. It is wonderful going through the piles of colorful, artful snapshots and reliving each one. I also have been having fun selecting papers that reall enhance each picture. I feel like I am playing an odd form of paper dolls. Color is such a big part of my life. Think garden, paper, ribbons and paint...oh my!