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Monday, March 30, 2009

new art and thanks

Thanks to those who went to Tarte,s great show and picked
up a piece of The Withies.
This is one of the new shrines I have been working on.

new art

this is a new shrine I just finished

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Could weeds be blessings?

Sunshine came softly! The weeds are here and I spent Saturday with my tail in the air trying to get at them early. Low and behold I saw the new spring shoots and the promise!!!!!! Many of the wild plants in my garden have been rescued from yards awaiting tear down. I hate to see plants lost and find my self walking with a pail and trowel to save some tiny native flower from being coverd with new construction. Every year when they re emerge I feel like singing. So........In attacking the weeds I am greeted with old friends.
I have spent the morning trying to reach Robin . SDhe left a note on my blog and this***** computer has bested me again. I wrote to her on her blog and can't get the messages sent. What is wrong with me? Am I doomed to struggle? I guess I am just frustrated and do so much better with talking than typing. Thank you for your comments all of you.
I missed going to the show on Sat. I did enjoy seeing everyone at drop off. I know they had a great show. I have worked all day today getting thongs ready for Barn House in May. I also have been droping things of at Thea's in the Pearl...........now add weeding to my life. I do love Spring even if I Complain.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I love old books

new necklaces from old things

Green jade and old clip.
Locket and crystal on crocheted pull.


Hand dyed silk ribbon with gilt pin,crystal and charms.

new creations

necklaces with old watch and found metal;bird pictures in black and white.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We had such a good time in Burton. I am so excited to read Willow Nests blog and see what they have done with the potting shed.........again memories of "sweet mama cottage" and good times and friends. Ludmil's creations are with me every day in my yard and house. It is amazing that after 15 years the are off on a new adventure......and David and I are not there! My love and luck are always with them and we didn't get to spend alot of time together even when they were in Oregon.We all know how busy they are!!!!!!!! I at least knew they were close enough to get a hug when I needed one.

Yes, alot of memories. The sun is shinning bright today and Iremember Ludmil's floweres. Now he's of to garden in hot Texas. Gosh ,I wonder if Clematis grow in Texas???????


This was taken a year ago. We were visiting Linda and Ludmil in Texas. I remember the blue bonnets.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring is here!!!!!

Spring has finally made it to my garden. This picture is fom England though. It was taken in the town of lewes[ pronouned Lewis] . Lewes is in Susex.
The spring I am talking about is in my garden here in Oregon. The sweet smell od daphne is in the air outside the back door. The first bulbs are up and the violets are beginning. The first daffodils are blooming amd will come in waves for months. All this has been slow in coming or at least that is what this year feels like. I would love to be out taking pictures but I have lost my camer and I guess I left it at Cindy's wonderful barn. Thus...........Spring will come even later to this blog.