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Monday, June 24, 2013

An Artist's Dilemma

       I am back to this blog after a long absence.  I have been "clearing"  my space!  I have promised my children I would not leave them with all my "special things"....no, I am not planning to  pass on anytime soon but then I have a lot of  "things" and I love them all.

        As a mixed media artist, I see what things can be...I want to help that happen and show myself and others what is or can be in an ordinary object. This can add so many "special  bits and bobs" to the creative space and mind.

          Add to that the collections of my life and the inheritance from loved ones and the LOVED objects start to crowd around me.  I have begun tackling this  job.  I have enjoyed hunting and gathering and can remember where each special item was found....OK that is not the theme of this blog but I had to say all  of that.

           I enjoy a tidy space...a vision of my home with it's FULL  but carefully chosen themes...editing is at hand but the big dilemma is....if I tidy and put my "bits" away ....after they are culled and cleared, will I forget them and become less creative?  Cleaning my workspace now is a bit like Christmas or shopping as I rediscover!!!!   Where I create is everywhere...on many surfaces and when the juices are flowing on more than one project. 

            Now the question to all who may read this....shall I hide  my things for the sake of tidiness?  Help me decide!

             Lastly, I would like to thank my dear husband and family for  having dinners under "challenging" often messy circumstances...after all you are living with and loving an ARTIST!