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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas more than a day!

I used to think of Christmas as a "season". Now we don't even get time to begin and "they" are putting it all on sale 40-50-60% Off. I miss the anticipation, the excitement, looking outside to spot an ELF, ie. Santa's helper (my dad).

I don't like making the standard , obvious statements...so I won't. It is a challenge keeping Christmas "magical" for big kids and grand kids. We do have the Verburg family game and our traditional breakfast. We are able to extend the blessed family time to almost all day and then enjoy each other by the fire. Come to think of it isn't that what Bob Cratchet's family was all about? So , Charles Dickens knew what to do to keep the holiday alive and good Ole E. Scrooge was able to learn...the "Spirit of Christmas" can be celebrated in our hearts all year. To quote Tiny Tim "God bless us everyone!!" and don't let us forget it!