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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Oh ,I love creative ladies!!!! We had such a great day creating magic!!!!! I could take hours going on about the real creativity I rubbed shoulders with today. These are women I have met at the shows I have done. I will mention names later but I could spend a posting about each!!!!!!

CREATIVITY........ how do I name thee!!!!!!!! I am in awe of the women ..... I would love to call them friends.......I would love to be among those you call friends. Sweet ladies..... sweet friends.....beauty is thy name!!!!!!!!! We will have fun!!!!!!!...,..... together.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Good Read

I just finished reading "The Shack" It was so wonderful.... for me.......I heard ones either loves it or NOT. I did love it. It spoke to my heart. Just try it and if it is not for you STOP reading. I will read it many times......I can tell.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

a visit

Robin's picture of my wild one!

Today I had a wonderful moment! It was a fearful, anxious moment which ended in a gift I will always remember. The doors to the green house were open and I saw Winston trying to catch a bird inside. I went.........I usually do and he knows it. the bird looked bigger than usual as as I drew closer I noticed it had a hooked beak. I knew it was a wild hawk and I knew that beak on a frightened bird could be scary. I took a breath and reached for "him" or I should say "her" feet and wings as if she were not wild. I gently caught her and looked into her eyes,golden and alert. She struggled only a little and I went to call David to show him. I was enthralled! As I spoke softly she struggled but then calmed as went to find a place to let her go. A place away from Winston. I placed her inside the laurel hedge and released my breath. I felt so blessed....not just because I helped her evade the fate that Winston had in store..........but I have always admired and felt some strange kinship to birds of prey. I love seeing them perched on freeway lights. I wonder when I see one take a sharp dive to catch the tiny morsel she has spotted. What an experience........ what a gift......what a visit.

Friday, October 16, 2009

beach memories

Still travelin'! We are now in Yachats and oh the memories..........we used to come here with the kids so many years ago. Yachats, a lovely small town still has a local feel and is a little too far from Portland to have the caught the "up scaleness" of local beach towns .

It reminds me of Morro Bay ............. more happy times with family.

Today we walked. The Overleaf Lodge is right up against the path that follows the cliffs all the way into town. I am a beach comber in spirit and fact. I love to pick my way down on the shoreline; remember me with my tail in the air in my garden. The same is true here at the beach. I used to collect agates with my little ones, sitting in the rocks and searching for little glowing pebbles. Sometimes I would find bigger pieces and you would think I had found true treasure. Today I picked agates again. David kept lookout for the sneaker waves. I think he just plane enjoyed sitting and watching..........several families of sea lions were fishing. We are so used to seeing them either lounging on the rocks in the sun or being fed fish in a zoo, and they are a real treat to watch in the surf. More picking... more finding.... a lovely time. I love the beach. I don't think I will ever give up my dream of living with a view of the water....any water will do. Oh well,dream on Julie. That's why they call them dreams.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

get away on the south beaches

This is our first get away this Summer or should I say Fall? It was a busy Summer with shows, visits and a hot spell that kept me on garden alert. Well, seasons change and we had to move some tender plants into the greenhouse before we took off.

David has always wanted to stay at the Crater Lake Lodge. So we spent a lovely night there and were surprised to find out it was their last night before they close for the Winter. The lake is truly amazing. It was a bright and sunny day when we arrived.......... this made the lake a deep blue. When we left we were rushing ahead of an expected snow fall and the lake was a steel grey. Crater Lake is a real treasure and we would love to share it on a family vacation.

We are no over on the coast in Bandon. From 7000 feet down to sea level is quite a road trip. The rain arrived last evening and it appears it will be with us for the remainder of our trip. No problem........ I have some creative work with me and lots of books. David doesn't mind walking in the drizzle. We will do just fine!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Smiles and feathers

I am always amazed that there are so many times in each day that a little tap on my shoulder would be very appreciated. I have my children on my mind more than I would like. Or should I say I worry about my children......"duh" I am a mother, you say. Much of my spiritual work is in allowing my family to travel their own path and for me to bless them and send them on their way. This is a lot easier said than done but I guess that's the LESSON.

Each of "my babies" has taken a hit by this terrible economic climate. Keeping a positive outlook is a mater of survival and sanity. Again I say"much easier said........." I don't want to focus on problems or challenges. This will only give those "illusions" more energy. thus I come to the reason for this blog. To remind myself and anyone who might read this note to LOOK for and pay attention to the little messages that come our way. I find them in all sorts of places and opportunities. I receive my daily"notes from the Universe" sent directly via email. I also find them when I look down and find a feather. I collect those feathers and keep them in a jar. What is a joy to bend over to pull a weed and find a sometimes, a very tiny feather looking back at me. I am reminded I am not alone. Perhaps an angel was passing by and left me a tiny reminder to hope, breath and let go....!!!!!!!! My spirits are lifted.

Spirits can be lifted and funny bones tickled in other ways. I took Jason and Kate out to "happy hour" and believe me they need some. We had such a nice time being together and catching up with news about Lauren and Ashton[my grand children]. Other things always come up..........but there in Kate's glass was another "little message" or at least we laughed and looked at it that way. Thus the picture of the smiley face you see in the picture. You may not see it right a way but it changed and stayed and morphed into many charming smiles. We captured this one felt "tapped" and realized we are blessed and on the right path..... each....his and her own path.....plus our path together.