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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

get away on the south beaches

This is our first get away this Summer or should I say Fall? It was a busy Summer with shows, visits and a hot spell that kept me on garden alert. Well, seasons change and we had to move some tender plants into the greenhouse before we took off.

David has always wanted to stay at the Crater Lake Lodge. So we spent a lovely night there and were surprised to find out it was their last night before they close for the Winter. The lake is truly amazing. It was a bright and sunny day when we arrived.......... this made the lake a deep blue. When we left we were rushing ahead of an expected snow fall and the lake was a steel grey. Crater Lake is a real treasure and we would love to share it on a family vacation.

We are no over on the coast in Bandon. From 7000 feet down to sea level is quite a road trip. The rain arrived last evening and it appears it will be with us for the remainder of our trip. No problem........ I have some creative work with me and lots of books. David doesn't mind walking in the drizzle. We will do just fine!

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