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Sunday, October 18, 2009

a visit

Robin's picture of my wild one!

Today I had a wonderful moment! It was a fearful, anxious moment which ended in a gift I will always remember. The doors to the green house were open and I saw Winston trying to catch a bird inside. I went.........I usually do and he knows it. the bird looked bigger than usual as as I drew closer I noticed it had a hooked beak. I knew it was a wild hawk and I knew that beak on a frightened bird could be scary. I took a breath and reached for "him" or I should say "her" feet and wings as if she were not wild. I gently caught her and looked into her eyes,golden and alert. She struggled only a little and I went to call David to show him. I was enthralled! As I spoke softly she struggled but then calmed as went to find a place to let her go. A place away from Winston. I placed her inside the laurel hedge and released my breath. I felt so blessed....not just because I helped her evade the fate that Winston had in store..........but I have always admired and felt some strange kinship to birds of prey. I love seeing them perched on freeway lights. I wonder when I see one take a sharp dive to catch the tiny morsel she has spotted. What an experience........ what a gift......what a visit.

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