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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beauties for cards


New pictires fpr cards

I just printed these up to make cards. They will be at Barn House!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

new rose pictures

I haven't written for awhile. Lots going on. My brother passed away after a long difficult time. Such an event leads to all sorts of feelings. I won't go into them but it has made me appricate the new life that is humming in my garden. The garden has EXPLODED! I can't keep up. I will have to get more help that just David and I. We have been tearing out plants everywhere. That makes me sad but I have been giving them to people for their gardens. Spreading the wealth shall we say.

I am happy th see the seeds of the hollyhocks I "picked up" fom the royal pavillion at Brighton, England have come up. I won't know 'till next year if they bloom true to the pale pink I remember. The hollyhocks are growin and spreading . I will have to remove many of them this year as they are blocking the paths. The other surprise volunteers are popping up in some of the strangest places.

Now I must comment on WEEDS! I can spot a weed at 40 paces. We spent the night at the Oregon Garden Hotel and toured the gardens [included]. I couldn't help but see their weeds also. How can I cure myself from the weed seeing? i am not sure that would be the namebut I want not to see the weeds, only the flowers. Is there some way????? I also want to sit in my garde and not get up to pick a weed that I feel is mocking me.

I am going to post some of the lovely pictures I too ath the gardens and at Heritage Gardens as well. I think this is the first time we did not buy a new rose. We just walked and smelled!!!!!!!

I have been busy working on new things for the Barn House flea market. I hope to get some pictures on the blog soon. Very excited!!!