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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Oh ,I love creative ladies!!!! We had such a great day creating magic!!!!! I could take hours going on about the real creativity I rubbed shoulders with today. These are women I have met at the shows I have done. I will mention names later but I could spend a posting about each!!!!!!

CREATIVITY........ how do I name thee!!!!!!!! I am in awe of the women ..... I would love to call them friends.......I would love to be among those you call friends. Sweet ladies..... sweet friends.....beauty is thy name!!!!!!!!! We will have fun!!!!!!!...,..... together.

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robinbird said...

hello you! i love coming over to your house an getting inspired by all the amazing work you can accomplish. you are like a mad santa clause with projects for everyone all over your house! i love it!! thanks for letting me watch and poke around :)
your friend, r