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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Could weeds be blessings?

Sunshine came softly! The weeds are here and I spent Saturday with my tail in the air trying to get at them early. Low and behold I saw the new spring shoots and the promise!!!!!! Many of the wild plants in my garden have been rescued from yards awaiting tear down. I hate to see plants lost and find my self walking with a pail and trowel to save some tiny native flower from being coverd with new construction. Every year when they re emerge I feel like singing. So........In attacking the weeds I am greeted with old friends.
I have spent the morning trying to reach Robin . SDhe left a note on my blog and this***** computer has bested me again. I wrote to her on her blog and can't get the messages sent. What is wrong with me? Am I doomed to struggle? I guess I am just frustrated and do so much better with talking than typing. Thank you for your comments all of you.
I missed going to the show on Sat. I did enjoy seeing everyone at drop off. I know they had a great show. I have worked all day today getting thongs ready for Barn House in May. I also have been droping things of at Thea's in the Pearl...........now add weeding to my life. I do love Spring even if I Complain.

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