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Thursday, March 12, 2009

We had such a good time in Burton. I am so excited to read Willow Nests blog and see what they have done with the potting shed.........again memories of "sweet mama cottage" and good times and friends. Ludmil's creations are with me every day in my yard and house. It is amazing that after 15 years the are off on a new adventure......and David and I are not there! My love and luck are always with them and we didn't get to spend alot of time together even when they were in Oregon.We all know how busy they are!!!!!!!! I at least knew they were close enough to get a hug when I needed one.

Yes, alot of memories. The sun is shinning bright today and Iremember Ludmil's floweres. Now he's of to garden in hot Texas. Gosh ,I wonder if Clematis grow in Texas???????


Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

Hi Julie! I finally found your blog! I guess I just missed you at Cindy's. I miss the old WN gang. Hope you can make it to Salem for the 4 Friends Sale next Saturday. I would love to see you. Mary and Leonard said they would be here. It would be nice to visit with everyone. Your pictures are wonderful and I will add you blog to my favorites! Hugs, Martha

A Thing for Roses said...

Wow, you sure brought back memories for me. I remember seeing that "sweet mama cottage" sign in the potting shed at the Buxton store and loving it so much. I asked if I could buy it, but I forget if they told me it wasn't for sale or if it was too much for my budget. Sure miss having them in Oregon.