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Saturday, May 30, 2009

tooooo much wonderful

There are so many wonderful blogs and people in the creative world. I don't have time to check out all the blogs, websites etc. that abound!!!!!!! What am I to do? Tonight I went to a Party/ event planed by my dear daughter in law. Her creative baby Trulely B hosted an event for the benefit of the Susan B Khorman breast cancer foundation and to launch her Truely B name...... which has a goal in helping all girls and women focus on our strengths and gifts, rather than the negative aspects we tend to do. I so admire her drive and focus. I think there can never be too much help for all women in turning our attention away from our perceived lacks and failings. I thank you dear Kate. I wish you much success as well as success for all the women I know and admire.

These are women in various fields.... striking out in helpfull, creative fields. They are reaching for their own private stars and goals. They are facing private fears/ hopes and attempting to make dreams come true. I am still learning to strech my aging but newley sprouted wings of creativity.........this in a world of technology, I do not understand. You go girl!!!!!!!!

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