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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Leaving London for the country

Another busy day in London town. We went to Wesminster Abby.and walk ed amoung British roalty[deceased of course]. IT IS AN AMMAZING PIECE OF HISTORY. The Poets corner always make my heart leap. Too many to mention here but think of any English author or poet, actor or playright and the are remembered there. It is amazing to see the tombs o all the kings and queens, princes and religous. i don't need ot go on..........
I am looking forward to the quiet of the country and seeing natural geen. Parks are nice but I guess I miss my garden. I even find myself collecting pidgeon feathers to make something.
i didn't have the coursge to enter a cyber cafe but I am back at the hotel and soooooo tired.


Gayle said...

ulie--Just found your website--I will check in on you. Have fun on your trip. I loved Portobello Road when I was there!!!!
Take care, Gayle

Point said...

Looking forward to photos. Everything here is great and I'm enjoying the return of a little rain. Your cats miss you, especially the one my kids are now afraid of ;). He sure lets you know when he wants attention.

♥ Jay