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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Home again

Well I am glad to be home. My heart i s still in England. I realized my love of all things English. I must have beenthere in " some" life. It was so like Oregon. I remember feeling as if I had come home when we moved here. The gardens we not at ther peak but David and I could and recognize and picture in ou r mind's eyethe it would be with things in bloom. It is wonderfull without the throngs of tourists.

Iam so anxious to get my pictures into my computer. We found "The Withies Inn" and had lunch there. It , like so many inns and pubs have been refurbished. Having been there 25 yrs. ago......so many things the same.......so many things changed. Alot more cars. That is another time. At least we surrived the left hand driving, roundabouts and the hedgerows. Again another time.

Fall is truely here. My favorite time of year. Iwill be getting ready for the sale at Barn House

found " The Withies Inn" again. It has been refreshed and renewed like so many of the inns and pubs. Oh the age of things. The energy of time and people passed is so evident

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