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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am taking a break! I am making paper hat ornements to take to Thea's for Christmas. I haven't made these this year but did a lot for the store"Urbino" I enjoy making paper anything....these are made from old Opera libretos. I think I'll make some cones with the large print pieces. What I would like to do is get this computer figured out so I can download more than one picture. I send this out to the universe........question...... Is there a better blog spot than google? I see other blogs that don't seem to have my problems. I guess I should email everyone I know seeing as no reads this blog!!!!!!!! SIGH!!!!


ludmil said...

I read your blog dear heart and enjoy all you tell!!!Love Linda

Gayle said...

I read it Julie---and enjoy it!!!

trash talk said...

Just found you and you are not alone with blogging problems. I'm getting better and learning, but oh it is frustrating. I will be back to read more. Debbie

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