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Monday, October 20, 2008

pumpkins on porches

I do love this time of year. The colors seem to glow from within! The fireplace is ready to be set ablaze. It is hard t o imagine Linda and Ludmil in Texas in 80 degree weather. I will say ,it is harder to get out from under the covers and Eva my fat cat is curled under them with me.

The garden is being cleaned layer by layer. There is still amazing color from the asters, hardy cyclamens, and the last of the hollyhocks. The roses are still budding but our friend the deer is feasting on the last of the buds. When I am up at night I hope to catch a glimpse of him or them but haven't as of yet. I can tell when "she" has been in the yard. The squirrels are fast digging up the plants I have just planted. I guess the ground is softer there. Smart and lazy little buggers. the wild finches and the blue jays are cleaning the seed out of the giant sunflowers. Yes, the garden is changing seasons.

I love seeing the pumpkins and ghosts come out onto the front porches. I am packing fun little bags for the gouls and princesses. The weather looks as if it will be chilly so costumes will be hidden under warm coats. The memories! Jason was a ghost for more years than I want to remember. White sheets are hard to come by now. Cut some eyes add a tie and there you have it. Jessica was a gypsy[moms scarves and jewelery]. Andrew was power rangers[green] I remember fondly.
I hope to get a gallery on this sweet little blog. In the midst of all this gardening and remenissing I am busy working and creating. I am taking things to Thea's in the Pearl and Christmas must be completed soon.

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Point said...

And of course it's my birthday month :). Love ya Mom!