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Monday, September 21, 2009

Autumn Arrives

The summer!!!!

The last days of Summer! My yard has that blowzy feel of blown roses and arching hollyhocks. They lean as the blooms have extended to top,spreading seeds along the length of tall fading plants. There are some younger plants just beginning to bloom at the base of the seniors. This and the new buds on the roses remind me that it is not the end but merely a transition. This is a good reminder that middle age can be as lovely as youth. Maybe the garden as well as myself does not have the vigor of spring but is still a joyous time blooming and spreading the bounty.A treasure acquired in the fullness of warm sunny days. I look back at picture of the garden. I see roses blooming when the first snow arrived. Perhaps all this is identifying a little too much with my garden but I look up and see the leaves and seeds swirling and yes DANCING!!!!!!!!!


Florence said...

Yes those hollyhock seeds are dancing every where along with the fox glove, preparing for next springs arrival. Enjoy the fall.

robinbird said...

perfectly tuned sentiments of the beauty of your garden and of ourselves. lovely prose my dear.