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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Weekend Away

We had a wonderful weekend in Seattle. Andre was the best man at his oldest friend's weeding. He and Ted met when they were 3 in preschool. What treat to watch them still standing next to one another. I was beautiful. He and his bride,Lauren folded 1000 cranes for the reception.

While there we visited Pike's market of course and the antique mall there. Rose[Andrew's sweetie] and I dropped in and were looking around. I saw a small mannequin and it caught my eye, being that I MAKE MANNEQUIN ANGELS. As I looked closer I started to notice familiarities. My gosh it was one of mine and I saw the signature on the back. I think the ladies they use to come to Willow Nest . We continued on and I looked up and there was another one. You know I still am pleased with them.

The Flowers at the market we amazing. You know me and flower photos. Well I took a FEW. This time of year it is the dahlias. The colors were amazing. Yes I think they will go next to the green house next year. The GIANT sunflowers are so heavy that the rain made them fall. They are peeking through the glass roof.I am not sure the birds can get to them.

When we were in Fremont area I was asking some ladies in Essenza where i should go for MAGIC. They told me about a mixed media artist who has a store. MAXINE"S. Short story we couldn't find it but I looked it up on line and we were so close. Check it out. For sure next time.

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