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Monday, January 26, 2009


Hello from Maui!!!!!!!!!!!! I was able to get one of my pictures uploaded and get my self up and running on line. I have been on line with my Barn House guy Jermonne. I just got the schedule for the year and it is very exciting. I do enjoy cyber space when it works..weeeee.....! I didn't get set up for a day or two but it seemed to work fine. I did begin to write my bio. in long hand. That is quite a process. Reviewing my creative history is thoughtfull at the least and the journey of my art is an interesting story of my interests and loves all converging, intersectingrctin and crisscrossing . It is amazing to review the hows and whys of a life of aquiring and then rearranging those well love object into art, My art. it is nowsuch a part of my daily life that I bring along projects as I have mentioned. This year it is necklaces[ a little heavy] but I am having fun.
It is raining today in paradise; a warm rain. aloha!!!

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