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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

found beginnings / artful endings

 I have said it before for me a journey...a creative experience usually begins with a found object.
This was a tin I found with wonderful graphics.  Then it was on to my drawers and DRAWERS of paper and words I have cut and torn out of  who knows where.
 I added the vintage ephemera for a little pop of color...the tiny bottle of paint (perfect fit). The three monkeys (speak no evil-hear no evil-see no evil) remind me of my three children.
The tiny heart locket in the bottom right hand corner opens to reveal  "Withies".  Fun touch!  This is a perfect example of my collecting of "bits and bobs" and how I may have them for a long time until they find the "just right" home.   As I have blogged before...an object will tell me what it wants to become.