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Monday, August 3, 2009

Returning to my garden

At last the days are cooler. I can go into the garden for something other than panic watering. I have missed my time in the evenings to just wander through the garden and enjoy[while picking weeds]. I am not a heat loving or even a heat liking or even a heat tolerating person. One

only has to ask my family. I never thought 90 degrees would look good


The garden has had a difficult time this year. Spring was cooler and things started slowly. Then the heat has burned a lot of things. Winter was hard on things too. I guess others wouldn't notice but I' bet black spot is having it's way with other rose gardens and come to think of it they[the roses] are looking much happier after the heat wave


The hollyhocks;from which my little house takes it's name, are much shorter this year.This has made David happy because there was less staking. The Lillies aren't as many either. I don't know why after all these years I'm seem to be noticing these quirks.

I planted giant sunflowers on the side of the green house. They are GIANT but are just beginning to develop the flowers. I love to watch the finches and nuthatches hang upside down to feed on the seeds.

All and all these are small things. I love to find the blue jay feathers as I am weeding. I love to have the hummingbirds dive at my head as I go out the back door. I love watching the sparrows bathe in the bowl hanging from the teutere and rose. My garden is a real joy and job. Am I right gardeners??????

Thank you Robin for the wonderful pictures. Please come back. There is something so nice about sharing the garden as well as seeing it with new eyes.

Linda and Ludmil are arriving from Texas. There is also something about having guests that makes one "tidy" up. Much nicer word than clean!!!!!!!!!!


Florence said...

I love your hollyhocks, mine are really taken off this year and my roses are really doing well, the deer seem to be leaving them alone. yeah! I love working out in the garden and finding little treasures too. Tonight I found that my potatoes are growing wow! I seem to a huge amount of grasshoppers too this year and lots of honey bees. I am with you on that heat.

Julie said...

Florence dear, Thanks for the note on my blog. Blogging is a challenge for me. I would love to share some seeds with you. I hate to just throw them away. I tell people who pass to adopt a plant and then take seeds when they are ready.

Celticlass said...

Your garden looks beautiful. Florence's daughter shared hollyhock seed with me last year. It is so fun to share and the thoughts of those they come from are even more precious. Hope your week is cooler.

robinbird said...

oh i'm so sorry about Winston :( i so hope he returns to his lovely home.
on the subject of photographing the garden you are not to worry. I am only staying away so that you can enjoy your guests. I want to come back as soon as you are free to have me!