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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hidden Messages

I have been busy collecting and aging books.

I have been discovering...

People use fun things for book marks and leave them behind. Tucked between pages I have found pictures,slips of notes and last night I found a business card from Tiffany & C0. on Rodeo Dr. (Beverly Hills,Ca). Today I found a book report and schedule for some ones week. It makes me wonder what I have left behind or sent out into the world . I also wonder about the people who have read these books and perhaps the families that have cleared them out when someone has passed on. I enjoy reading books from the 1940's as well as books from English authors (Booker prize winners). I am fond of castles and old manor houses, villages and old churches. I love a good ghost story with a monk or "white lady" thrown in. Finding the "bits and bobs" makes me hope I left something interesting for other to find!

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