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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things changing

There are so many changes ! I know you say....And so? I know but it has just struck me that
the seasons change and I seem able to watch with amazement and wonder. I however am not as passively peacefull watch my life and family as they pass through their changes and seasons.
I have realized they are growing and must cast off and change like the trees, flowers and the other elements of nature. All this to reach the next phase of beautiful growth. Nothing stays the same and so it shouldn't. Even my babies and their babies. I want and am learning to watch as they struggle. much the same as the garden spider on the deck. Idon't ge too envolved as he or she struggles,falls ,rebuilds and doesn't panic as I ruin his or her work. I want that same calm witnessing to all life. I am learning to trust my angels and trust they have thiers.
This picture came up with the memories of ny dear friend, our seasons past, and yes again CHANGES. All for the good all for the growing toward the life they were meant to live but Iam aware of the missing[Ludmils birthday] Linda's Thanksgiving thought. Good times all! Not gone just changed and building a new web.
So much has changed in the world in general. I am readying myself for a Christmas sale when Christmas has been at 50% off in the stores. Hellooooo! What is wrong with this picture. Iam however the spider who must create! Ihave and will be selling ant the Lake Oswego Christmas Sale. My net must after be woven. thank you all who take time from youre busy building to read this. May the grace and peace of observation decend on you as well.

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ludmil said...

Dear Julie,What a nice suprise to see you hugging miss "Princess".This image brought a nice memories when we were together.We all evolve and change ,but the friendship is always in our hearts .Thank you for this sweet and toughtfull comment.I wish you a Great Thanksgivin Day with David and your family!!!