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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I took chance and uploaded a picture. I have not had a chance to tag[note a computer word] all my pictures so.........this is the one that surprised me. I do love this. The sunflowers were all volunteers this year and thus they were a gift. Some grew well over 8 feet tall and I stood beneath them ans watched the bees. Later the finches hung on the undersides to pick the ripe seeds. Such a treat. the whole garden was heavy with flowers, and life.

Now things have passed their seasons the vast amounts of leaves are falling in swirls. I love to watch the leaves fall. I love to be in the wind and feel them light on me like snow.However it is far less romantic to have to be raking them into recycle bins and asking the neighbors to use theirs.

Back to romantic thoughts......... I think I like this surprising myself!


Christine LeFever said...

Julie, The sunflower in your beautiful garden is enchanting. I absolutely love that picture.

And, of course, you have traveled to England which is the only foreign country that I long to see. I am SO envious!



Barn House said...

Well, since you are raking...could you make a trip to BH??? Bring your neighbors trash cans before you come!

J & J