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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Gift

The garden is reaching ,fading and seeding everywhere. It is a big job to keep it tidy.

I often forget that a garden/flowers/ living things go through changes. Some are less than perfect than I would like. I have spent years admiring gardens in magazines and in classic paintings,often forgetting that they are a captured moment in time. While I was busy with "tidying up", spreading hollyhock seeds several cars stopped and people remarked on how much they love the garden and what it means to them as they walk the neighborhood. The note above is one I found tucked in my door. The people I spoke to today expressed joy and gratitude. The thing that struck me and led me to this entry is...not one person has ever mentioned a weed. Not a single walker has ever not said "thank you"and not a soul has mentioned that the garden looks tired, faded or past it's glory.

Lesson for this "maturing lady" who tends a garden...it's all beautiful!!! Me too!!!! I change with my seasons a few more wrinkles and grey hairs maybe a filling a little more space that I would like. I will stand tall take compliments for me and my garden. We are both beautiful!!!!

And THANK YOU!!!***


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