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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hollyhock House on the Csorner all a Buzz

Sat in the garden last evening. David laying on the hammock me watching the yard. It's alive!!!!

The bird feeders are so busy and the hummingbirds diving,reminding me of giant bumble bees. It was warm...! There was a flicker attacking the big fir. The squirrels traveled the wires like freeway rush hour and I watched and listened to the morning doves fly from the feeders making a lovely cooing sound. All this activity was lazily observed and appreciated.

We are recovering from a neighborhood garage sale yesterday, not my favorite thing to do on a (HOT) Saturday. I do want to say though it was fun meeting so many neighbors and "new folk". That is the draw of 30 garage and yard sales and it was a good thing that I was too busy to leave and shop. I have more than enough projects~~~~~!

The garden was the big draw for so many. It was so nice hearing the "thank yous" from the walkers who pass by frequently. I shared so many hollyhock seeds. It is fun to think of them sprouting in so many gardens. There are seeds I carried back from England (the Brighton Pavilion garden) and the seeds that a neighbor had collected from the Linus Pauling estate, here in Portland. Those houses have since been torn down and a lot of the plants in our garden have been collected from vacant lots that were awaiting construction. I love sharing plants,seeds and stories. I have an abundance of each. A new neighbor and his son told us his family just moved here from the U.K. and that their home had been named "Hollyhocks". They asked if we chose our name on the sign in front of the house. I said it just happened...people just kept saying "You live in the hollyhock house on the corner". SO...when we were in England I had a potter make a sign for our home. I love it!!!!!!

I just realized I say "MY GARDEN" way too much. David is my partner in gardening and takes direction well (JOKE). I do share the accolades...really.


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