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Monday, August 8, 2011

Something Has Turned

Something has changed in the air, the light, and most assuredly the garden.

We returned home from a delightful weekend at the beach. What a remarkable thing it is to spend time with our adult "children", their chosen ones and our grandchildren. Sitting on the sidelines as my family "frolics" on an uneven Bocce court (gopher holey lawn) after sharing a wonderful "gin concoction" cocktail puts my life into real focus. They are all more than "fine"...they "shine". David and I are so blessed. I was "keeping score" and I noticed as I have in the past that distance can shift the lens,change the focus and make things much clearer. These "Kids" will be able to roll on into the future!

Yes, something has indeed turned with the family and with the weather and the garden as well The first of the Fall blooming cyclamen has been spotted. The hollyhocks are setting seed pods. When people stop to admired them I tell them to find the one they like and WATCH for browning fat pods. Then please adopt them plant them right away and wait...next year they will come. Hollyhocks are one of the easiest plant to grow and they thrive on neglect!!!! What more could one want.

I have long been working with trusting that my family will be just fine. I now think I may not have needed to TEND them so ferventlybut they are my "other garden".

As there is a shift in the air at this time of the year...so it is with me. Families mature...gardens prepare for the next season. There is no stopping and of course MOM sits on the sidelines. Keeping score no, just enjoying the game.