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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art Angel Anna

I have an art angel! Anna is the daughter of a women I dance with at NIA and a young artist,having already a portfolio of charming creative projects.

I have been sharing some of my "stash" of papers and stamps. I am so glad to have someone to pass on some of what I have collected. As any artist knows we are always collecting things that may become.....here are several things she has created and shared with me. The "thank you"card is wonderful. I am amazed that at her age she is overflowing with ideas and passion. She is most definitely someone that quite simply MUST create!

Lately life has kept me busy with events that seem to require the energy I have used in my art. Anna's gifts are reminders to me that creativity is a living thing that multiplies while dividing and sharing can remind me that I can be creative even when I am busy with LIFE.


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