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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Ties and Goodbyes

My Family*** I began to comment on face book about settling my aunt's estate...lo' I decided to blog and share some of my experiences. Some people may not have reached this stage of life....I have said goodbye to all of my immediate family[brothers too young] and now my aunt[my mother's sister]. Along
with being her medical representative, I had been helping her go through all the family pictures listing the names on the backs. This was months ago when she was still looking forward to her 90th birthday....boy how fast things come. Now I find myself going through those and more!!!

I am the only one who knows these people. Thank you mom for telling me our family's history...I am glad I cared enough to listen and thus am able to share the stories and "family gossip". These are bricks making up our family.

There were massive amounts of pictures many duplicates!!! More than enough to spread around to children and I hope grandchildren...the stories alas will not survive (I will not be writing them down).

My oldest child {that's you Jay} who loves history has become the KEEPER of surprising amounts of old newspapers and ephemera. Many of these are the letters my mom and dad sent to each other during the Second World War. Thank you sweetheart...for caring enough to store my past and "our " histories, in the hopes someone may come looking.

It was so hard to put the "over flow" in the estate sale boxes....I learned I can't keep it all and am committed to not having my children be left with piles and boxes to go through. As a dealer in ......well anything unique and old and funky, I have a lot!!!!!! I am promising to divest,clean out and hopefully leave you with memories and not so much stuff, when I go!!!

Wordy I know....TMI maybe but I have to go in and finish the job I promised and have started. The things she loved and saved and told me what to do with are dwindling but still not finished.

Good night dear Dolores. I think your wishes have been honored. Thank you for caring for Dad. Rest!!!!~~~~~

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gretchen said...

I too, have become the accidental historian for the family and have boxes and boxes yet to go through that I have set aside more than once and need to get back to sooner than later. Not everything is labeled...so I am hoping I can remember all those stories, too! good luck to you with your quest!